“Driving with reduced upper body strength”

The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator combines the two functions in one device. Designed specifically with the needs of the person with quadriplegia in mind – reduced brake effort and controlled/balanced acceleration.



  • Reduced braking effort via improved leverage
  • Electronic brake locking function
  • Balanced acceleration with minimal fatigue
  • Adjustable acceleration angle
  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism
  • Easy height and angle adjustment
  • Left- and right-hand versions
  • Knee airbag compatible
  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards


Additional leverage is achieved with these hand controls due to the braking lever design.

A brake locking feature, controlled by electronic button, locks the brake in effect working similar to the hand brake. This is great for stopping at traffic lights and relaxing your hand on the brake lever to reduce shoulder fatigue.


Acceleration is activated by tilting the lever down – radial style. The angle of the lever operating the accelerator can be adjusted to the needs of the user along with the effort required in the turning action. Intended to be customised for the user.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Long Arm Brake & Accelerator highlights another well designed and manufactured product.