“Driving a manual with reduced leg strength”

The Electronic Clutch was first designed and developed by Fadiel Italiana. It became known as the ‘Duck Clutch’ due to the duck-like look of the gear knob, however, it serves an innovative and practical solution by using your hand on the gear knob to activate the clutch. Suitable for amputees, people with paraplegia and those with reduced leg strength.



  • Functional and easy activation of the gear knob
  • Programmed specifically to the vehicle
  • No additional clutch wear
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Reliable and proven equipment
  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards


The original gear knob is replaced with a fingertip actuated lever. The lever on the gear knob proportionally controls the clutch action and makes the clutch pedal obsolete. A very practical solution for manual car driving enthusiasts who lack the leg strength to use a foot activated clutch. The need to move to automatic transmission can be avoided with a ‘Duck Clutch’.


The system operates using an electronic interface and manages precisely the position of the clutch, ensuring correct tension on the clutch and avoiding excessive wear. The intuitive interface is programmed to the location of the friction point resulting in complete clutch control.


Can be individualised to the user’s driving technique to improve the fit between driver and vehicle – also suits high-performance race car requirements.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Electronic Clutch highlights superior innovation and design.