Car Spinner Knob

Multiple Designs

We provide a range of steering wheel spinner knobs and handles to suit the needs of all users. All knobs and handles are manufactured to exceptionally high standards and designed to be functional and easy to use. All our wheel spinner knobs feature quick release coupling for quick removal and unobtrusive clamping brackets.


Honda RB33L 6x6


Our unique JoySpinner has a built-in remote-control joystick for secondary driving operations. The JoySpinner ergonomically designed and compact in size for comfortable use, the driver can easily activate all JoySpinner’s functions by using only their thumb or finger. The JoySpinner offers up to 12 secondary functions using a four-way joystick and two push buttons.



3Knobs 6x6

More designs

Our Spinner Knobs are specially designed for drivers with disabilities who have difficulty turning the steering wheel. The Spinner Knobs come in three different shapes and sizes to maximize the comfort of the driver.