Swivel seat designed for internal transfers from your wheelchair

transfer platform

The 6-way base is a swivel seat system that enables an easy transfer from the wheelchair into a safe and secure front driver or passenger position in the vehicle. Suited for vehicles with a flat floor entry into the front seating positions the 6-way base allows the driver to move forwards, backwards, rotate to 140 degrees as well as moving up and down to match the height of your wheelchair.

The 6-way base has also been crash tested giving you peace of mind while travelling in the vehicle.

The key features of the 6-way base include:

  • Forward, backwards, up and down movement
  • 140 degree rotation
  • Easy to use toggle switches
  • Ability to install the vehicles original seat onto the base
  • Complete stability inside the vehicle
  • Footrest available as an option
  • Crash test approved in all driving positions
  • Available for both the driver and passenger seating positions