“The seat that comes to you”

The Turnout is a swivel seat designed for those who find it difficult to enter a vehicle or make a transfer from the wheelchair. Installed as a layer between the vehicle’s floor and the car seat the Turnout enables the car seat to be rotated facing outwards. An added bonus is that the rotated seat will be a little bit further out, in other words closer to the user.

Out of all our Swivel Seats, this is the simplest and most economical solution. It is suitable for both drivers and passengers and is available with manual swivel as Turnout and with powered swivel as Turnout E. Both models come in either a 2-door or 4-door version.

    • Available for 2-door vehicles with immediate swivel and 4-door vehicles with forward movement around B-pillar while swivelling
    • Available in an manual and an electric version
    • Available for both left and right side installations
    • Combine with a Caroslide underneath the Turnout to optimize leg space
    • Combine with a Tilda to optimize head and knee space
    • Combine with a Carony to eliminate all lifting during transfer
    • EMC and crash test approved



The Caroslide

The Caroslide is a powered seat base that can be used to give you additional leg room when used in conjunction with the Turnout for swivelling out of the vehicle.

In addition, if the occupant does not have the strength to move the seat forwards and backwards manually the Caroslide can overcome this obstacle.

It can also be used with an aftermarket seat such as the Bev, Compact or Recaro seat to convert your seat to a powered seat.

The key features of the Caroslide include:

  • 240mm stroke
  • Operated with a remote
  • Left or right side applications
  • Can be used with the Turnout for increased leg room
  • Crash tested and CE marked


The Tilda

The Tilda enables the seat to be tilted to 15 degrees using 3 motions.

There is an easy to use handle on the side of the unit that allows the occupant or carer to tilt the seat.

When used in combination with the Carony wheelchair transfer system and the Turny Evo or Turnout, this product improves the head space when entering the vehicle.

The first position of the Tilda has been crash tested, allowing you to travel in a safe and comfortable position when in the vehicle and can help improve head stability for those with limited neck strength.

There is also an optional footrest that when used with a swivel base allows you to get your feet over the door frame easily and inside the vehicle.

The key features of the Tilda include:

  • Manually operated
  • 3 tilt positions
  • Left or right side applications
  • Optional footrest
  • Can be used with the Carony increase head clearance
  • Can be used with the Turnout or Turny Evo to increase knee room
  • Crash tested in first tilt position and CE marked