Willshire Mobility have introduced a High Level Assessment Vehicle, a VW Caddy fitted with the latest driving controls including Lowering Swivel Seat Systems, Transfer Platforms,Combined Brake /Accelerators, Voice Command, Full dropped floor with rear access for wheelchair and much more.

The vehicle has been developed for use by Driving Instructors and Occupational Therapist to assess clients capabilities and needs. The vehicle provides an example of the various driving solutions available for installation on most vehicles.

It also provides a valuable assessment tool for those wanting to know how it feels to drive with the use of an assisted driving control.

Contact Willshire Mobility for a list of driving instructors working with the vehicle and for demonstrations at your home or office.




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Our VW Caddy

The various modifications we are able to perform on the VW Caddy are approved by the manufacturer.

Standard Conversion Work

We can undertake the following conversion work on your VW Caddy

  • Lowered floor from rear up to 2nd seat row
  • 4-point wheelchair tie-down system with an adjustable 3-point seatbelt for the wheelchair passenger
  • Modified fuel tank and exhaust system to accommodate a deep and level lowered floor
  • Original seats in the second row are preserved after conversion
  • Ramp: Double folding lightweight ramp with clear-view design what allows to view through the back window
  • Lowered floor fully covered with matching upholstery
  • The center part or the rear bumper will be replaced on hatch, thus maintaining the original look
  • The original parking sensors remain functional after conversion

Optional Conversion Work

Following is more specialised work we can perform on your VW Caddy

  • NIVO system to hydraulically lower the rear of the car (with lightweight short ramp)
  • Seat configuration: One or two TriflexAIR swivel chairs on the third seat row
  • Ramp: Foldable taxi ramp that creates a substantially flat loading floor (not possible with TriflexAIR seats)
  • Easypull (winch and wheelchair locking system in 1, operated with wireless remote control)
  • Bodyguard (back and head protection for the wheelchair user)
  • The centre part of the rear bumper mounted on the back of the ramp instead of on the hatch


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