wheelchair lift

Get one-button simplicity. Bruno's inside platform-style scooter powerchair lift, the Joey, offers unparalleled ease of use and safety. Drive your mobility device onto the platform, press a button and Bruno's Joey lifts your scooter or powerchair into your vehicle and gently tucks it into the cargo area.

scooter lift
scooter lift
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Bruno's Joey Is The Super Simple Interior Platform Lift

  • Bruno's easiest-to-use interior scooter lift
  • Fully-powered, one-button operation
  • Hassle-free drive on/off platform
  • Backlit hand-control, illuminated platform lighting for easy night loading
  • Fast loading time
  • Compact design often maintains second row seating
  • No scooter or powerchair modifications
  • Safety barrier prevents mobility device from entering passenger area during sudden stops


To Operate

  • Walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa
  • Stand for two to three minutes
  • Drive mobility device on/off platform
  • Hold down button on control arm to power platform up/down
  • Fold and unfold wheelchair
  • Connect a hook to receiver and tighten strap to secure mobility device


  • Lift capacity: 159 kg
  • Max mobility device width: 71 cm
  • Max mobility device wheelbase: 102 cm
  • Installed weight: 92 kg
  • Vertical travel: 88 cm
  • Installation depth: 112 cm