Willshire offers a wide range of Behavioural, Postural and Security Harnesses to suit your needs.

These harnesses are quick to install as well as, having the ability to easily move them from vehicle to vehicle. They are also designed for personal, business and organisational use, and are able to be used with wheelchairs, car seats, buses and even airplanes!

It is a requirement to keep a current Doctors Certificate in your vehicle when disability harnesses are in use.


Careva Crossit Belt

security harness

The Careva Crossit Belt is a postural and support belt system ideal for those that want versatility and portability. All that is required for the Crossit Belt to be attached to the seat is a gap between the backrest and seat, meaning that it is highly portable and can be fitted to almost any seat.

Careva Harness System

The Careva Harness System is a postural and support harness that provides support and prevents the person falling forward or to the side to ensure that the function of ordinary three point safety belt works at an optimum level. It is to work in conjunction with the vehicle’s original seat and seatbelt and can be fitted in all vehicles with an opening between seat base and back (this includes child seats and wheelchairs). There are combinations of the harness system that can be used in taxis and Community Transport, which can be fitted and dismounted with ease.

posture harness

The Careva Harness Systems includes 4 core components:

Spinal Belt – The Spinal Belt is the foundation for the other parts of the system and is always fitted first. This goes around the car seat and secures at the back of the seat.

Shoulder Harness – The Shoulder Harness is used in the same way as the Thoracic Belt to fix the upper body and to prevent the person from falling forwards or to the side.

Pelvic T-Belt – The Pelvic T-Belt is used to hold the pelvis to the back of the seat to ensure good positioning.

Combi Harness – The Combi Harness is a combination of the shoulder harness and a pelvic t-belt. The shoulder straps are fastened on the front rather than the side as the standard shoulder harness.

Thoracic Belt – The Thoracic Belt is used to position the upper body and prevent the person from falling forwards or to the side.

postural harness restraints

Careva Buckle Cover

seat belt lock

seat buckle cover

A Careva buckle cover is used to prevent an individual from undoing the side buckles on a Careva Harness or the chair strap buckle on a Carfix Harness. Once the buckle cover has been put in place, the buckle is not able to be undone unless a key (or similar object) is fitted into the slot on the side and the red release button is pushed.

Our Careva buckle covers are sold with a seatbelt cutter for emergencies so that the occupant can be easily accessed. It is a requirement to keep a current doctors certificate in your vehicle when the Careva buckle cover is in use.