Smooth and lightweight…anyone can operate


The Movia Automatic Access Ramps are an innovative ramp design combining sturdy structure with light weight usability. The ramps have several design features focusing on simplicity and lightness. The range of Movia Automatic Access Ramps are easy to use, reliable, functional and super strong with automated function.


  • Operated by the touch of a button – wireless option available
  • Lightweight – aluminium perforated construction
  • Load rated to 350kg
  • Non-slip surface with ramp edges
  • No welded components
  • Unit weighs 35-46kgs
  • Easy removal and re-installation of ramp
  • Movia Automatic Access Ramps are available with the following specifications:
    • Segmented into 2 parts
    • Lengths from 1.8m to 2.4m

The motorised arm allows the Movia Automated Access Ramps to be controlled electronically. A wireless option is also available.

The perforated aluminium construction reduces the weight and pressing and bending of the sheets increases rigidity. This design produces edges to the ramp and a non-slip surface, both important features to ensure safe use.

Movia Automated Access Ramps are free from welding in fabrication and assembly. Aluminium when welded can fatigue over time under heavy load and risk breaking. The Movia design eliminates this risk.

The Movia Automated Access Ramps are all load rated to carry up to 350kg. They are useful not only for the application in the disability sector but also for industry and trade when heavy items need to be wheeled into a vehicle easily and safely.

Securing the Ramp to the floor of the vehicle is provided by four wing-nuts. The extremely light design, ensures the anchoring points for the ramp platform require minimal structural modifications to the vehicle, avoiding significant floor reinforcement.

Once fixation points are fitted, removal and re-installation of the Ramp takes only a few minutes. No tools are required to remove the wing-nuts and the Ramp can be carried by hand. The unit’s weight on average is 35-46kgs.

The range of segments, lengths and widths available make it suitable for a large range of applications to ensure correct inclination and fit for all types of vehicles.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana the Movia Automated Access Ramps demonstrate the team’s innovation and creative design to find practical solutions.