Having a clinical assessment with an Occupational Therapist prior to buying or modifying your vehicle is a great way to make sure you purchase the best equipment for your needs.

If you are planning on driving your vehicle, make sure that you get the neccessary medical clearance from your doctor and state regulatory authority.

An Occupational Therapist can work with you to explore physical and lifestyle requirements and discuss appropriate modifications with you, your Carer or Support Worker (if applicable) and your vehicle converter. A vehicle is a long-term purchse, so it is important that you take into account your changing needs over time. If you intend to drive the vehicle yourself, you will also need to undergo a driver assessment with an Occupational Therapist with specialist driver training.

A clinical assessment should take into account all aspects of your transportation requirements. This means that your Occupational Therapist will not only explre your level of disability, but will also discuss your home, the size of your family and the places you frequently visit (for example, there is no point in buying a vehicle that is too tall to enter that parking facility at your workplace). If you rely on caregiver(s) or drive the vehicle, their needs should also be taken into account. In many cases there are multiple options for vehicle modifications and it is important that you and your carer openly discuss your preferences, and the various costs involved, with your Occupational Therapist. After completing an assessment, the Occupational Therapist canwork with you and your chosen vehicle converter to make sure you get the car and modificaions that best suit your requirements.