Once your car has been converted to suit your needs, it is vital that you find a suitable insurance policy to make sure your car is fully protected.

A key consideration to make when speaking with an insurer is their knowledge of disability conversions. An insurer who isn’t familiar with the disability market may price your disability conversions in the same way they would for performance or luxury modifications, which typically cost more to insure.

You may want to consider specialist insurance from Blue Badge Insurance.

As Australia’s first disability insurer, Blue Badge Insurance understand the importance of your independence and mobility. They have designed a policy specifically for disability converted cars, so you can ensure your car and any conversions are protected. Learn more.

Some of the benefits of Blue Badge Insurance’s policy include*:

  • Comprehensive Banefits
  • New for old replacement for disability conversions up to 5 years old from new°
  • Cover for your family, friends, carers, or support workers who drive your car
  • Up to $5,000 cover for assistive technology whilst in your car. Such as, wheelchairs, walkers, or mobility scooters
  • Up to $250 rental car benefit for up to 28 days following theft
  • Accidental damage, theft, vandalism, storm, hail damage, flood and fire
  • Your choice of repairer
  • Monthly payment options available (T&C’s apply)

Visit www.BlueBadgeInsurance.com.au to get an online quote or call them on 1300 304 802.

  • For full details of the conditions, terms, limits and exclusions and to decide whether this cover is suitable for you please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement on www.BlueBadgeInsurance.com.au.

°New for old replacement on disability conversions up to 5 years old from newly installed. The maximum that we will pay will be the sum insured that you have told us about and is specified on your Certificate of Insurance.

Blue Badge Insurance is underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 83 169 311 193) and distributed by Blue Badge Insurance Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 18 620 594 765 | A.R. No.1275642) as an Authorised Representative of AI Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 78 135 243 364 | AFS Licence No. 379465)